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“Off with the clothes. All of them.” Semeera couldn’t help her grin.

She’d expected Kader to balk or make excuses. Instead, he stripped with the solemn stoicism of someone preparing for an execution. Was it really that bad? Maybe he really had changed his mind and now he was humoring her.

Then he pushed his boxers down his legs, revealing the erection that extended past his sheath—large, pink, and thick. Her breath caught as rippling ridges appeared along the underside. There was even a dot of clear precum on his tip.


Kader grasped his arousal as though hiding it. “Forgiveness, Sssemeera.”

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

“That shouldn’t have happened.”

“Your erection?” Was he trying to piss her off?

“The ridges. They are for mating only. I don’t know why they have appeared now. Your scent…” He flicked out his tongue several times, and his pupils dilated while his tail flicked from right to left quickly.

“I’m missing something. I thought we were mating.”

“Copulating. Not mating.”

“Copulating is for fun. Mating is for…”


That’s what she’d thought. “Kader, we won’t have kids. I promise you that. Now move your hand.”

He opened and closed his mouth before releasing his shaft and allowing her to see every throbbing inch of him. Tight fit didn’t even begin to describe him. She needed to be well and truly drenched to fit that inside her. And she was well on her way.

Her sex had already started that wanting ache that could only be soothed by direct stimulation.


“Huh?” She looked at Kader’s face and his expectant expression. “Oh, right. Sorry.”

Undressing didn’t take her long since she was only wearing a shirt, having skipped her panties in favor of easy access.

Kader whipped his tail from side to side so fast he resembled a dog wagging its tail.


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Alien Mate Experiment by Zenobia Renquist

Cover: Alien Mate Experiment by Zenobia Renquist

Alien Abduction Romance

Semeera needs a plan for starting her life over. After divorcing a controlling husband, she’s ready to enjoy freedom at last. Too bad she gets abducted by aliens before she can decide her next move.

Captain Kader is an alien warrior trapped in a dead-end assignment where he will never see battle again. There are no more challenges to his life, no chances for glory. And then a dangerous experiment brings him an unexpected visitor who changes everything.

They are as different from each other as night and day, but those differences only entice Semeera and Kader into finding out just how physically compatible they are. What should have been a little fun causes the resurgence of a disease long thought extinguished.

If Semeera triggered it in Kader, will others succumb? And will the scientists be able to get past Kader to find out? Most importantly, can a beautiful black woman really love an alien male with scales, claws, and a tail?



Available in Ebook:

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