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Lexie wheeled her cart to the service elevator and took it to the eighteenth floor, where the suites were located. Floors fourteen through twenty-five housed the expensive suites, the size and expense of which rivaled some small apartments. The higher the floor, the bigger and more expensive the suite.

Mr. Malena couldn’t be all that important if he was on the eighteenth floor. Someone warranting that level of snippiness from Franceska should be staying in a deluxe suite on the top floor. Then again, if someone from a top-floor suite had requested a housekeeper, Franceska probably would have gone herself. She didn’t like trusting the “rabble.” So why trust Lexie with this very, very, very important guest?

If someone on the eighteenth floor got three verys, how many would Franceska give a top-floor guest? Lexie amused herself thinking about Franceska turning blue in the face as she tried to get out the many verys needed to convey the significance of a top-floor guest over all other patrons.

Lexie parked her cart against the wall beside the door of room eighteen-fifteen and knocked. “Housekeeping.”


Using her override key, she unlocked and opened the door. “Mr. Malena, I’m the housekeeper you requested.”

“Good. Come here.”

Lexie walked down the short entryway to the suite bedroom. She glanced into the bathroom as she passed and didn’t see anything amiss. The mess that had prompted the call must be in the bedroom.

Please let it be small.

She peeked around the corner. A man who had to be Mr. Malena sat on the bed. He was watching sports on the TV and didn’t seem to notice her looking. His short salt-and-pepper hair—more salt than pepper—was mussed and appeared a little damp. He might have taken a shower before calling for housekeeping, which would explain why he sat bare-chested with a towel across his lap. And oh, what a chest. Lexie gazed over every ripple of his hard abs. The small amount of dark curls peeking from under the edge of the towel suggested he might not be wearing any underwear. She looked at his face and found him smiling at her. How long had she been staring?

She stepped into the room with her hands folded in front of her. “Hello, Mr. Malena. I’m Lexie, from housekeeping.”

Smiling with merriment that made his light-blue eyes sparkle, he beckoned her over. “Come. Come.”

She inched closer, but stayed out of arm’s reach. “You called for housekeeping?”

“Indeed I did. I want wine service.”

“Um.” Lexie pasted a smile on her face to keep from showing the man how stupid she thought he was. “Mr. Malena, your butler handles wine service. If you want, I can call him for you.”

“Not that kind of wine service, my dear.” He gestured in front of him.

A wine bottle sat on the floor a few feet away from where he sat. Looking at the bottle didn’t help Lexie figure out what he wanted. She had to ask and hope he didn’t get angry.

“Sir, I…I’m not sure what it is you want me to do. Did the bottle hit the floor and the wine spill?” It didn’t appear cracked and the carpet beneath seemed dry, but she had to toss out something to speed this along.

“Not at all. I put it there. The bottle is uncorked. I’m waiting for you to sit on it before I drink it.”

“Excuse me?” Lexie’s voice squeaked.


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VIP Room Service by Zenobia Renquist

Cover - VIP Room Service by Zenobia Renquist

Contemporary Erotica

The beds aren’t the only thing she’ll be stripping…

Lexie works as a maid at a five-star hotel, and she needs every penny of her income. So when handsome guest Mr. Malena requests favors that are definitely not on the room service menu, Lexie can’t believe how tempted she is — and how much she enjoys guaranteeing his satisfaction.

But the game is up when her boss finds out. Is Lexie about to lose her job … or is she in for an even bigger shock?

Reader advisory: This 37,250-word story is for mature readers only and features submission, exhibitionism, and menage.


Available in Ebook:

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