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“Ms. Fielding?”

The deep resonant voice startled her. That voice didn’t belong to Rennie. Kate spun around.

Her gaze swept over the tall man before her, from his long legs encased in crisp cream chinos, to the black skivvy which hugged his broad chest like a second skin. The snug fit left nothing to the imagination. She lifted her gaze. Gorgeous deep brown eyes scrutinized her in similar fashion. His thorough gaze remained guarded and reminded her of pools of very dark honey. Her heartbeat quickened.

“Do you like the view?” He inclined his head toward the window.

She nodded, mesmerized by those eyes and his accent. His imposing presence filled the spacious room.

“Yes, I do. It’s beautiful. And so green. Nothing like where I’m from. It’s so very brown and dry at home at the moment.” She paused, waiting for this handsome man to introduce himself. But he didn’t. Nor did he invite her to sit down. In fact, he didn’t exude much warmth at all. She gave him her best smile and opened her mouth to ask after Rennie. The words lodged in her throat with the indifferent look which flickered like a shutter across his face.

“I’m very busy, Ms. Fielding. State your business here and make it brief. I don’t have all afternoon.” His crisp tone cut right through her.

The man’s irritating manner fired her determination. After she’d traveled all this way, she wouldn’t allow him to dismiss her. Almost dead on her feet, she was right out of patience.

“By all means.” She fought hard to resist the urge to tell him her time was precious too. “I came to see Mr. MacBain.”

“I gathered that. Why would he want to see you? Does he know you?” He looked down his nose at her.

Kate bristled at his superior expression. He was so sure of himself. She’d met his kind before…those who believed they knew everything, yet in the real world of commonplace fundamentals, they knew nothing at all.

“Yes, of course he does.” Rennie would want to see her. At first, anyway.
“I don’t think so, Ms. Fielding. I’m willing to bet Mr. MacBain has never laid eyes on you before.” Again, that chilled voice.

“You rotter.” She back-chatted him beneath her breath. The effect of his mesmerizing accent was wearing thin. Undeterred by his arrogance, Kate puffed herself up to her full five feet two inches.

Her increasing irritation gave her courage and she forged on. “My business is with Mr. MacBain…Rennie MacBain. I don’t see why I should justify myself to the hired help.”

His eyes narrowed. His lips tightened to a thin straight line. He stared right through her.

Kate swallowed. Now she’d overstepped the mark. “I’d like to see him now, if you wouldn’t mind.” Her voice calmed to avoid a backlash. A strange softening flickered across his face, but his expression steeled again to one Kate couldn’t decipher. Exhaustion played tricks on her.

“I’m Galen, Rennie’s brother.”


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A Traditional Affair by Joanie MacNeil

Cover - A Traditional Affair by Joanie MacNeil

Contemporary Second Chance Romance

Within the imposing halls of historic Carabrae, Scotland, Australian Kate Fielding finds herself caught in an unusual love triangle. Dark and dominating, traditional Scot Galen MacBain is intrigued by the outspoken young woman who stirs both his demons and his passions. Marriage to Kate would provide him with an heir and a father for her child. Kate cannot accept Galen’s convenient proposal. Though her baby would inherit the wealthy MacBain estate, her marriage to Galen would be for the wrong reasons.Their lives are pitched together in a push and pull search for love, trust and family values. Will this modern and determined young woman resist the temptation to accept Galen’s proposal of marriage?


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