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The tall, dark, and handsome one oozed sophistication. I found it hard not to stare. His pants hung elegantly from his waist, and his crisp white shirt revealed enough of a buff physique to make any girl drool. There was something remote in his dark-blue eyes that intrigued and intimidated me at the same time. And that was just from one glance.

His eyes found mine and remained. My cheeks fired up. That was new. I’d never blushed from a man’s stare before.

He towered over me, so I had to lift my face. As he continued to gaze at me with those deep-blue eyes, my legs weakened. I had to lean against Lilly, who was having her own moment gaping at the hot stranger’s friend.

I lost all sense of place and time, staring at the gorgeous man, who held his sensuous mouth in a tight line while a streak of aquamarine smoldered beneath those enviably long lashes. Although mesmerized, I forced myself to turn away.

Even with my back to him, I could still feel his eyes burning into me. I stole another glance. That unshifting stare seemed a little inappropriate, especially when his burning gaze wandered down my body.



As each girl gyrated her ass and offered to show me what awaited should I wish to pay, my thoughts revolved around the dark-haired beauty whose bewitching eyes had collided with mine. I’d noticed her mouth-watering curves too. Curves had a way of alerting my cock. Even buried in loose unattractive clothes, she was a flower I would have loved to sniff and pluck.

MAGIC. IT WAS PURE magic seeing her there. Although her outfit looked very Oxfam, she wore it well. The fitted skirt revealed her swaying hips, and a loose red shirt did little to hide the fullness of her breasts. Her long, dark, plaited hair revealed a swan neck that made my tongue salivate. I watched how her breasts moved ever so slightly with her breath. Despite the fact that she boasted curves that would keep a man up at night, I found it hard to leave her eyes.

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Dark Descent into Desire by J.J. Sorel

Cover: Dark Descent by J.J. Sorel

Steamy Gothic Romance

One night would never be enough …


Blake Sinclair always gets what he wants. And what he wants now?


Everything about him screams danger. Every arrogant, sexy inch of him. A smart woman would walk away.

Apparently, I’m a fool.

I didn’t just give him my heart. I gave him my virginity.

Now I’m his new obsession. I wish I could say he wasn’t mine.

But that would be a lie.

Together, we’re fire. Even though I know I should save myself, there’s part of me that wants to stoke the flames…even if it burns my whole life to the ground.


I’m an addict.

Penelope Green is my drug of choice, and I indulge in her every chance I get.

The more time we spend together, the more I crave. I want to crawl inside her and never leave. I want—no, need—to possess her.

But my past is as dark as her eyes, and not everyone is willing to leave it buried.

Someone is out to expose me. He wants what’s mine.

Setting her free is the right thing to do.

Too bad I’ve never been any good at doing the right thing.



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