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Mason managed to remove the mug from her hands and place it on the counter before framing her face in his hands. His thumbs gently swept across her cheeks and she had the urge to moan. “At the risk of acting inappropriate with you…”

“Are you going to kiss me?”

His grin was maddening and oh so sexy. “Would you like me to?”

“If you want to.”

“Woman,” he growled, right before his lips descended on hers. Tender, light at first, he continued to tease as if she needed to get used to his touch.

But one touch and she quickly realized the delicious feel of Mason’s lips could easily become her new addiction. With space between their bodies, Charity raised her hands to clutch his shirt, feeling the heat of his body through the barrier. She pulled him closer before taking command of the kiss, becoming ravenous for him as she devoured his mouth. He opened for her and their tongues clashed, battling for dominance. He had no qualms about keeping up with her demands as a hand wrapped around her, landing on her rear. Pulling her pelvis flush with his, there was no mistaking his arousal.

Charity moaned into his mouth as her body took over, grinding against him while her hands worked their way beneath his shirt. Touching his skin was like placing her palms on the surface of the sun, and she couldn’t have cared less if she burned alive. Her body ignited with a blazing lust she never knew she was capable of feeling. Never had anything like this stirred within her.

It exhilarated as much as it frightened.

When she thought to pull back, Mason angled his head while threading his fingers into her hair. He deepened the kiss even more, his tongue dominating her mouth as their lips remained fused together. Her hands traveled to his back, feeling the muscles strain against her fingers. Charity gasped as Mason squeezed her ass, grinding their bodies harder into one another.

He broke the seal of their lips and journeyed across to her ear where he growled. “Gods, woman, how I want you.”

“Yes,” she sighed.

With a nip to her earlobe, Mason then pulled away, looking at her. She could barely focus on him due to the euphoric fog she felt surrounding her.

“You are so incredibly beautiful, so responsive, and I could easily take you here, but I doubt that’d be very professional.” He placed a kiss on her forehead as both hands landed on her lower back.

“Yeah, I’d hate for anyone to come walking through that door and see what could be done on the breakroom table.”

“Woman,” Mason growled before giving her a quick kiss.

“I kinda like it when you call me that,” she whispered against his lips.

“Because that’s what you are, all woman.”


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In His Sights (Shifter Clans Book 1) by Laura M. Baird

Cover: In His Sights (Shifter Clans Book 1) by Laura M. Baird

Paranormal Shifter Romance

Intelligence analyst Charity Masters is raising her niece after the death of her brother. If that isn’t enough to up-end her world, she’s pulled into a government project involving shifters, and a handsome distraction in the form of tempting hawk shifter, Mason. Although her strong personality has kept men at a distance, will she allow Mason close enough to appreciate the woman inside?

As clan leader of his Native American tribe, Mason Wegi wants to ensure their relationship with the government remains beneficial but well-contained. While focusing on a project involving human and shifter DNA experimentation, not only will he have to safeguard his people, but that of the alluring and willful beauty, Charity.

Will two people from different worlds come together for their happily-ever-after?


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