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His kiss was hard, demanding, born of need. And greed.

Charlotte’s belly tightened and then exploded with butterflies as Gray’s mouth devoured hers. The kiss, almost brutal in nature, stirred something dormant within her. Then he was urging her to open to him. She was helpless to resist. His tongue swept inside her mouth, filling her, rocking her to her core. The place between her legs seemed to explode, a sudden pulsing beating within her as he took and took and took. Breathless, her hands found his shoulders and clasped them tightly.

Then his tongue teased her, no longer dominating, as if calling her out to play. Tentatively, she moved hers against his and both of their breaths hitched. His fingers tightened on her arms and she stroked his tongue as he had hers. A low, guttural noise came from the back of his throat and his kiss became more urgent. Suddenly, they were at war with one another, each fighting for supremacy.

She no longer knew space or time, only Gray’s insistent kiss. Her breasts seemed to swell and then grow heavy, her nipples aching with need. He seemed to understand and one hand released her, only to cup her breast through her dressing gown. She gasped at the touch, his fingers kneading it. Her hands slid up his neck and locked behind it as she pushed herself against him. He drew a nail across the nipple and she whimpered. His thumb began circling without touching it, driving her mad. Then he tweaked the nipple, pulling and twisting on it. Desire flared within her.

His mouth left hers and trailed hot kisses along her jaw and to her throat. She murmured his name again and again as the pounding between her legs thumped rhythmically.

She wanted his touch there.

Charlotte sensed her face flaming at the thought. This was insanity.

Gray’s mouth returned to hers, nipping her lips and soothing them with his tongue. His arms had gone around her, drawing her against him, her aching breasts mashed against his muscled chest. Her fingers played with the hair along the nape of his neck, teasing it as his tongue teased her.

When her time came and life was at an end, this is the moment she would relive before everything ebbed away. Her body crushed against his. His mouth slanting over hers, again and again. The rush of passion filling her. Need for him singing in her veins. She wanted it to go on and on, knowing somehow she would never be satisfied again with anything in life.

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To Heal an Earl (Soldiers & Soulmates Book 1) by Alexa Aston

Cover: To Heal an Earl (Soldiers and Soulmates Book 1) by Alexa Aston

Regency Romance

Instead of making her come-out during the upcoming London Season, Lady Charlotte Nott finds herself tossed from her home after her father’s untimely death by a vengeful half-brother. Penniless, she makes her way in a world new to her, first serving as a companion and then governess to the three children of Lord Crampton. When the earl dies moments after hiring her, Charlotte takes on the running of Gray Manor’s household and estate until the children’s new guardian arrives.

Guilt weighs heavily on Major Danforth Grayson, having lost too many men under his command over the years. When he receives word of the death of the brother who wronged him, Gray returns home, bitter with the hand life has dealt him. He intends to hire competent people to manage the estate and care for his nephew and nieces and retreat to a solitary life in London—until he meets the inimitable Miss Nott.

Charlotte is drawn to Gray but knows she is no longer of his world. When he suddenly becomes the new Lord Crampton, she knows it’s time to leave her charges behind—for what woman would care to watch the man she loves wed another and start a family as she suffers in silence? Yet Charlotte knows Gray is a broken man and her leaving might shatter him forever.

Can Charlotte walk away from a flawed man who desperately needs her, or will she leave before she loses her own soul?


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