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His hand brushed my cheek, leaving a fiery stain. He turned to face me again. “I have such a desperate need to kiss these lips.” His thumb touched my bottom lip. When he withdrew, I ran my tongue over it. Aidan’s lust-filled eyes became heavy again.

Placing his arm around my shoulder, he drew me close, his body, hard and accommodating at the same time. We fit so well.

Our eyes met and then our lips. At first his lips were cushiony, moist, and tender, then burning passion took over and his tongue parted my swollen lips. He groaned into my mouth as his hand slid over my thigh.

The heat from this exchange charged straight to my sex. I ached for his touch. My body pressed hard against his. Aidan undid the knot of my sarong. All the while, our lips remained locked as our tongues snaked together suggestively.

His lips traveled down to my neck, devouring my tingling flesh. Aidan smelled tantalizingly of the sea, and something more seductive, of raw male. The strap to my one-piece slid off. He kissed my shoulder and beyond, leaving a trail of sparks.

Aidan pulled down my swimsuit, releasing my heavy breasts. My nipples were so hard they hurt. His eyes devoured me as he caressed my breasts. Aidan growled as he cupped them.

“My God, you’re magnificent, Clarissa. You’re every man’s dream.” He ran his hand across my nipples. His mouth followed, sucking and teasing them with his tongue.

I just melted into his arms. The sensation transmitted straight to my sex, which was now dripping wet. Sticky with desire, I was too weak to stop. I wanted all of him. Pain, ache, whatever—it would have been more tormenting not to have him.

“You’re so shapely, pure female.” His voice resonated in breathy desire. Aidan helped me out of my one-piece.

He stripped off his T-shirt. I did what I’d been dying to do all day, and that was to run my hands up and down his rippling torso. He was a mass of smooth and hard muscle. Phew.

Aidan had his hand on his waistband. I knew what was to follow, and the anticipation was so extreme that I almost hyperventilated as he lowered his shorts.

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Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1) by J. J. Sorel

Cover: Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1) by J. J. Sorel

Steamy Billionaire Romance

The boss’s name was a mystery. But judging by the opulent surroundings, he was filthy rich, with impeccable tastes.

The following day, I moved into his breathtaking Malibu estate and instantly went from impoverished art history grad to living in style.

My new boss made my knees weak. Aidan Thornhill was insanely handsome.

Then, one night on his yacht I gave him my innocence, and from there it descended into sheet-gripping unbridled lust.

I’d been warned not to fall for him, and as secrets and gossip emerged about his shadowy past, I didn’t know who or what to believe.

Suddenly I was faced with the hardest decision of my life…. Should I run from this fairytale romance and dream job, or risk my heart by remaining in Aidan Thornhill’s strong arms?


Clarissa Moone took my breath away. With the buttons threatening to pop on that tight shirt she wore, she had the type of curves that kept a man up at night.

Innocence was the last thing I expected from someone so beautiful and sensual.

I had two golden rules when it came to sex—no employees and no virgins.  But rules are meant to be broken, right?

Instead of running, I took control. She gave me her innocence, and I unleashed something deliciously dirty in her.

I never expected to fall hard. But I’d become addicted. I couldn’t stay away… not even for a night.

Then my ugly past entered, threatening to destroy everything I’d built.

I was prepared to lose everything… but not Clarissa.


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