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“Wife. My wife. We are now married.”

He watched her beautiful lips turn upward in a smile. And, it was several moments later when she said in a whisper, “What a beautiful word, Mitáwicu. But, I have another question and it is this: in my world, when two people become married, they are required to perform the marriage act at once. If they do not do so, they are not considered married. Is this also a custom amongst your people?”

“No. It is not in the Lakota way that a marriage must be consummated at any certain time. A woman may take as long as she wishes before a man might—” he smiled at her—”shower her with his affection.”

She nodded, and he murmured again, “Mitáwicu.” Then, bending, he brought his lips to hers and was surprised to feel the blood rushing toward a sensitive part of his body. He was stunned further when she sighed and shifted her weight inward toward him, as though she, too, were filled with pleasure.

Hau, it was good, if unexpected.

But, there was more to the ceremony, and he reached down to shift the pipe out of her hand. Setting it aside, he threw off the buffalo robe. Next, he held their bound hands toward the little port hole, where the sun still shone beams of light into the room, and said, “Creator, do you see that we are now married?”

He didn’t expect an answer, and there was none forthcoming at this time.
Bringing her in closely to him, Blue Thunder took Marci in his arms, then dropped to his knees, carrying her with him. And, he kissed her again, holding her slightly away from him, for already, his body was making its needs known to him.

But, he wasn’t ready to carry this into lovemaking and he knew she wasn’t either. It wasn’t the right time, for they had not committed themselves to one another because they were in love. So he resumed the ceremony, taking her free wrist up to his lips and placing a kiss upon the pressure point there. When he looked up at her again and beheld the passion within her gaze, he felt oddly, since he knew he wasn’t marrying her because of a carnal need for her. Rather, he was doing what was necessary because she required someone to care for her. And, he had decided he would be that man. Yet still, he felt himself on the verge of “convincing” her to make love with him.

But he didn’t. He wouldn’t.

However, he would tell her one important fact, and, holding her closely to him, said, “I do believe I am going to enjoy our marriage. It is my hope you will, also.”

When she grinned up at him, he took advantage of her open mouth and kissed her again. This time, he let his tongue trace over her lips. That she sighed in surrender to him caused his need of her to press in on him; indeed, it almost undid his resolve against making love to her now. But again, he cautioned himself to respond to her in a reserved fashion. So he said simply, “Come wife, we should see that your trunk is properly loaded onto the ship.”

And her response was a beautiful, if simple, smile.


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Blue Thunder and the Flower (The Wild West Series Book 3) by Karen Kay

Cover - Blue Thunder and the Flower(The Wild West Series Book 3) by Karen Kay

Historical Romance

He rescued her from danger. Then she stole his heart.

Working as a trick rider for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, Blue Thunder of the Lakota Nation joins forces with two Assiniboine warriors in their mission to stop a hidden enemy who means to destroy the American Indian people. As a child, he’d witnessed the massacre of his friends and family, including the girl, Sweet Flower, whom he’d vowed to marry. The loss has left him with a burning ache and a prejudice against the white man. So how can he fall for a woman like Marci Fox?

Something terrible happened to Marci when she was a child; something that keeps her from remembering her early life. She jumps at the chance to travel from England to New York with her friends working with the Wild West show. But a last minute hitch means the only way to get there is to pretend she’s married to Blue Thunder. Her attraction to him is deep, yet something stands in the way of true happiness—the ghosts from his past and his commitment to a mission that could get him killed.

But soon, Blue Thunder and his friends must discover who the true enemy is and stop his evil plans before he can harm more of their people. Could uncovering the treachery get Blue Thunder killed? And, even if he survives the threat, can Blue Thunder and Marci overcome their past and discover the sweet flower of true love?

Warning: A sensuous romance that might stir one’s heart to look for, discover and ignite a soul-stirring, forever love.


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