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“It was awful going by myself, but I did it.” Tane slammed the bags on the small table near the window, hard enough that the bottles clinked sharply together. He hoped he didn’t break anything.

“That you did.” Brock stared at the bags. “Mission accomplished. Congratulations.”

“No thanks to you.” Tane’s gaze went to Saki. Her eyes were wide, and she looked frightened.

I need to mind my temper. An Arcon male should be better behaved in the presence of a female. Tane relaxed and tried for a more pleasant expression. “Saki, I bought some things for you. Please come and see.”

Saki stood with a nervous glance toward Brock.

Brock nodded at her. “He’s just grumpy, but he’ll soon calm down.”

Tane stiffened. Anger boiled in his gut. “I’m not…” He trailed off…Goddess. What am I doing? Am I in rut? He hung his head. “I am… Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” She strolled to the small table. “What do you have there?”

“Some bath supplies.” Tane pulled out a scented soap and handed it to her.

She smelled of the bar. “Ooh, lavender. That smells good.”

“The female I purchased them from said it’s supposed to help with relaxation. She also had apple cinnamon, but in a candle.” He pulled a wide candle out. “Perhaps, you could light it when you have your bath.”

Saki smiled. “That sounds nice.”

Tane handed her a bag. “In here, I have the shampoo and conditioner along with some bath oils. All lavender scented.”

She took out the bottles and read the label. “All natural. Sounds great. I love natural stuff.”

He picked up another pink bag. “This one has a new pajama outfit with matching panties.” Tane ducked his head, his face heating. Goddess, I said panties in front of a female. “I hope I got the size right. I told the shop owner you were a small.”

“Well, I am.” She grinned. Saki put everything back in the bags sitting on the table. “I’ve lost some weight here lately, too.”

When Saki reached past Tane to pull out a chair, he moved aside for her. What is she doing? She stood on the seat, and then grabbed a double fist full of his clothes. When her soft lips pressed to his, Tane’s head spun, and his pants felt tighter.

“Thank you.” She pulled back, staring into his eyes. “You’re so good to me. I’m going to take a long, hot bath right now.” Saki grabbed up the bags, leaped down, then trotted over to the bathroom with a little skip in her step.

Tane dropped onto the chair Saki just vacated, his head spinning. A new and unexpected warmth filled him.

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Alien Desire (Chronicles of Arcon Book 2) by Janice Seagraves

Cover - Alien Desire (Chronicles of Arcon Book 2) by Janice Seagraves

SciFi Romance

The Arcons Tane and Brock Moonwalker are vacationing in the small town of Greenwood. Tane is dealing with agoraphobia, a condition worsened by the loss of their female. Brock and his friend needed to get away, but a tiny, gang ridden town is the last place they expected to find love.

Saki Starling had trouble on her heels and couldn’t catch a break. She lost her apartment and a local gang threatened her at every turn. With her week at its lowest point, Tane and Brock promised to brighten her darkening world.

Tane, Brock, and Saki must find a way to come together, if they have any hope of overcoming their past and heal their broken hearts.



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