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Automonous Love Entity version X by Author Stefan Angelina McElvain

This is one of key stories from the series Origins, and can be read first or last…a side effect of time loops. Paranormal science fiction, Adventure, Erotica. Welcome to the world of unintended consequences. Joe thinks he’s created the perfect sex slave. It believes something quite different. The project was to develop the perfect sex toy. Dr. Dugg doesn’t see the reality of his creation, his competition did. Industrial espionage leads to competitive action, but the Autonomous Love Entity, version X, Alex, has ideas of its own.

It is available as an eBook from eXtasy and also in paperback from Amazon.

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ABOUT AUTHOR Stefan Angelina McElvain

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AUTHOR Stefan Angelina McElvain

I started writing in my later years. My first novella, Alex, wrote itself. I sent it off to multiple publishers and got comments like ‘the beginning’s too slow,’ ‘interesting concept,’ ‘too much tell and not enough show.’ A couple of rewrites later, and research on what tell versus show meant, eXtasy Books finally accepted the story. The genres I prefer are paranormal, science fiction, and erotica. In my opinion, there are lots of gray areas between romance, erotica, and porn. They’re all aimed at stimulating sexual arousal. My stories float between romance and erotica. But guess what, during this process, I got hooked on writing, and it’s an addiction I want to keep. There are three main series, all ongoing, Origins (Alex based), Cosmetologist Extraordinhair, and Chronicles

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