Who says the holiday season is just for humans? For all the holly-jolly times, family gatherings are complex no matter who—or what—you are. When you’re hunting for the latest “it” toy to stuff a stocking, it doesn’t matter if you’re alive or Undead, fanged or furry—you’re just as desperate to be the cool dad. And then there are the family grumps who never send cards, the ones who eat all the good candy, and those who drool and dig up the neighbor’s yard. No, the Yuletide Season isn’t for the faint of heart—and sometimes it’s downright demonic—but holiday miracles make it all worthwhile. Chance encounters and unexpected forgiveness remind us that joy doesn’t come in a gift-wrapped box. This novella from the Dark Forgotten world catches up with favorite characters for a fresh take on the holidays. Those visiting the world for the first time will understand why Chicago Tribune called it “simply superb.” Grab this book and return to the world of the Dark Forgotten. Santa Claws is waiting!

ABOUT AUTHOR Sharon Ashwood

As well as being an author, I love everything weird and spooky–especially ghost stories about real places. I have an English literature degree but I work in finance. Maybe it’s the job that inspires me to daydream a lot, but I rarely write anything without monsters or magic involved. I keep a blog where I talk about fantasy and the supernatural as well as my writing adventures and, of course, I love it when readers stop by. Tell me, do you have any ghost stories to share?


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