Last of the Summer Vines is set to release on 29 June!

When workaholic Sarah Wells discovers she has inherited her estranged father’s vineyard in Tuscany, the last thing she wants is to take time away from her busy schedule to sort out a crumbling mess of a palazzo. But, when she makes a rare error, her bosses decide a holiday is just what she needs.

When Sarah arrives in Italy, she learns that she is not her father’s sole heir. In fact, she only has a partial stake in Castello di Sant’ Angelo because of a loophole in Italian law. Her father left the vineyard instead to his business partner, the gorgeous and infuriating Tommaso Di Biasi – and Tommaso doesn’t want to sell.

At first, Sarah wants the deal done as quickly as possible so she can get back to her life in London, but it seems Italy has other plans. Under the warmth of the Tuscan sun, with a glass or two of the local vino rosso, and brooding Tommaso challenging her all the way, Sarah starts to realise that that there might just be something to la dolce vita…


I’m a single mom to two little princesses, founder and Chairperson of ROSA (Romance writers Organisation of South Africa) and in addition to being an author I also work as a writing teacher and coach. I have too many favorite authors to list them all, but my current faves are Charlaine Harris’ Midnight, Texas books, Alyssa Cole, and Sawyer Bennett.

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