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Satin and Sapphire by Author Reet Singh

Danger meets delight in Asar Kalan!

Dr Danvir Sandhu has been dealt a cruel hand – his house of cards comes tumbling down when he loses, one by one, all the things that bring meaning to his life. He has barely found equilibrium when a serendipitous event brings Latika Anand into his orbit, and he struggles to stay aloof even as his heart yearns for a future with the maddeningly enticing fashion designer.

Considerably bruised after a break up that is as unexpected as it is callous, Latika is thrown into an even more precarious situation that threatens her life. Both experiences convince her to return to her roots and tackle old demons even if it means denying the attraction she feels for a certain utterly fascinating physician.

I emerged a while later, scrubbed clean and smelling of lavender, and even hungrier that I’d been earlier. Rammi stood near the entrance to my room with a cotton sack in her hands. ‘Dump your clothes in this,’ she said, scrunching up her nose as I approached. ‘They’re not going into my washing machine, thank you very much.’

I sighed but did as she suggested. They really did smell foul. I’d grabbed whatever I could in my hurry to get out of Danny’s flat that day. The shirt was an old, comfortable one of mine and I would be sorry to see it go, but the track pant was Danny’s and I couldn’t care less if Rammi flushed it down the toilet. I was so done with mourning over Danny – Danny the Dastardly.

After a huge breakfast that threw my diet plan completely off, we carried our coffees to the lounge and settled down to talk.

‘Thanks for going over there to retrieve my stuff,’ I told Rammi. ‘I couldn’t bear to. I don’t want to ever see him again.’

‘It wasn’t a problem. In any case, he wasn’t home. I would likely have punched him in the face if he’d been around, so it was just as well he kept away.’

I could picture Danny cowering before the righteous wrath of my tall and hefty friend and it should have made me smile, but I was too emotionally wrung out to enjoy the vision.

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AUTHOR Reet Singh

I am an Indie Author, now, though I started off with a trad publisher. My first romance, published by Mills and Boon® India, was Scorched by His Fire (2014), which I have since edited/updated and Indie published as “Take One Fake Fiancé …& add a dash of desire”. My imagination always worked overtime – I recall humorous skits composed in cahoots with my sisters, and irreverent poems. My childhood included long, lazy summers spent at my grandparent’s farm engrossed in the literature my thoughtful uncle had collected over the years. Reading, an extremely pleasurable habit, gave wings to my inventiveness, I’m inclined to believe. Training to be an ophthalmologist and then practicing for three decades meant I got several real-life opportunities to exercise my ingenuity; however, it was a while before I could make time for creative fiction. My books have varied plots: the stories are based in India, although adventures in Mauritius and Toronto have taken place in some; they may start with instant attraction, or outright loathing or denial, but they end happily for all parties, including, I always hope, for my readers.

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