Breaking All The Rules is a Romantic Comedy set in Devon. This is the blurb: ? Kate is getting married in a month. Richard, her fiancé, is a lawyer: rich, successful, and very good-looking. She’s definitely in love with him. No doubt about that. So when Sam, a good friend and her high school crush, returns after eight years of traveling, she doesn’t care. After all, he never actually asked her out, and then he went traveling without her, contrary to their plans. She only agrees to go to dinner with him in order to hear all his news, so why doesn’t she tell him she’s getting married? And is he still bothered by the tragedy eight years ago? Sometimes life just gets too complicated, and Kate finds she keeps having Very Bad Ideas, which lead to even more complications. Just three days before her wedding, she finds herself in a situation that demands the biggest decision of her life. “Really enjoyed the read, quirky, very English, lovers of Bridget Jones will get a kick out of this one.” Duffy the Writer

ABOUT AUTHOR Rachael Richey

I’ve been writing most of my life, starting with stories about my teddy bears and dolls, and finally achieved my dream of getting published three years ago. I write Women’s Fiction and Romantic Comedy and currently have five books published with The Wild Rose Press. The first four books are the NightHawk Series, following the adventures of rockstar Gideon Hawk and artist Abigail Thomson. The fifth book is a standalone romantic comedy, and a sixth romcom is due out in time for Christmas this year.

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