Match Made in Heaven, book 1

So, I’ve got a new series that’s just started called the MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN romances. It revolves around 3 sisters who live in the fictional town of Heaven, NH and who collectively run a wedding business. One sister is the planner, one is the Officiant and one owns the Inn where many of the receptions and ceremonies take place. Together, they are responsible for their 93 year old political activist grandmother, Nanny Fee. The series is a combo of small town romance and RomCom. Book 1 tells the love story of middle sister, Colleen O’Dowd and Playboy Slade Harrington. If there was ever an opposites attract story, it’s this one. Colleen is looking for a happily ever after, and Slade is used to a happy-for-now lifestyle. Getting these two together was more than a labor of love. Sometimes, it was a struggle to keep them from killing one another!


So I began my romance publishing career in 2015, but I’ve been a life long writer. In my teens I won several short story competitions in teen literary magazines. As a nurse, I had several articles published in various professional nursing journals, and then when I had my daughter, I found a lot of success with articles about motherhood in parenting magazines. There’s a complete list of all my non-fiction publications on my website if you ever have free minute. I began writing romance stories in 2013 when I was going through the worst menopausal night sweats Mother Nature ever gave a woman. Coupled with chronic insomnia, I found myself wide away at 1 am each night, so I began putting that alone and quiet time to use. My first published romance, SkATER’S WALTZ was written in three months between the hours of 1 am and 3 am every night. I retired in 2015 when that book was published and now I write during normal 9-5 hours – but I still get up at 3 am and take care of all my social media obligations every day.

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