A gentleman marked by a scandal

Mr. Daniel Hallsworth lost his title and was driven out of England by claims of his illegitimacy. Now he’s returned to reclaim his title and his family’s reputation, which requires marrying a virtuous lady. He has his sights set on the woman he once loved. If only the lady would graciously accept his proposal.

A lady haunted by a secret

Lady Emme Radcliffe made a mistake that could destroy her family. To hide it, she’s withdrawn from society and dedicated herself to spinsterhood. Now the man she’s loved for ages has returned with an offer of marriage, but accepting it means risking her secret. If only the gentleman would kindly stop being such a temptation.

A love love affair that could end in ruin

With their own match an impossibility, Daniel needs Emme’s assistance to find a suitable wife, and she needs his help to thwart her father’s matchmaking. But each moment together brings them to the brink of passion, and every stolen kiss brings them one step closer to ruin.


Author picture

AUTHOR Nancy Yeager

I write across multiple genres including romance, mainstream/women’s fiction, and mystery. My Harrow’s Finest Five series is about smart women, sexy men, steamy passions, and the occasional scandal in 1870s England. In my women’s fiction stories, I write about the bonds of family and friendship. And in my first Nordic Noir mystery – a work in progress set in Copenhagen – I’m planning the perfect crime.

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