I’m no stranger to paranormal romance. All my books with Changeling Press contain ghosts, demons, angels, psychic vampires and even the goddess Hecate! Why not add an incubus to the mix? I wondered, what would happen if a incubus, who survives on female sex energy during the dream state, found out he was sexually attracted to a man? Demon’s Dream is the answer to that question. It’s a high heat romp with a sexy 150 year old Incubus demon, a geeky comic book nerd man, his supportive best friend and an adorable kitten named, Milo. Here’s the book description: Can a nerdy human end Winston’s eternity of loneliness? Winston chose to be an Incubus more than a century ago, but lately, dream sex has been unfulfilling. A chance meeting with a geeky comic book lover could change everything. Now, all he can think of is the hazel eyes and soft lips – of a man. Can Winston overcome his fears and grab at the promise of happiness, even though he’s always been straight? Can a sexy, straight Incubus give Seth the love and acceptance he craves? Seth is used to being alone. Even buff guys can be bullied, so, except for his kitten and best friend, he never socializes. After being dragged to a bar to see his favorite band, he bumps into the sexiest man he’s ever seen. Then Seth has the best sex of his life with Winston … in a dream. Will the comic book geek wake up, overcome his fears, and go after the one man who makes him feel alive?

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Demon’s Dream by Author MD Stewart

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I love to read. The only think I love more than reading (besides my family, obvs) is writing. I’m a “pantser” which means I don’t plan my books. I find out what’s happening as I write it! I like to write just to see how my characters are going to interact and how the story plays out.


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