Fool Me Once is Contemporary Romance, a story of love and betrayal set in Tennessee. Rickie, Ronnie and Andee are realtors who partner with investors to develop an equestrian community near the Big South Fork, known as ‘The Trailriding Capital Of The Southeast.’ In April, the details of Ronnie’s past were still a secret, held close and shared with no one. No one’s mouth had yet dropped open when they learned who her ex husband was. She had moved halfway across the country, had planned never to see him again, but now Senator Evan Parker arrives in Tennessee on a fact-finding trip before casting the crucial swing vote on pending legislation to privatize the national park. When his path unexpectedly crosses Ronnie’s, he demands a second chance but Ronnie is fast falling in love with Luc Deschaines, one of her new investment partners. A former litigator, Senator Parker leaves nothing to chance and his terms are clear. Now, he’s back in Ronnie’s life, holding her future hostage unless she makes the right decision. Her relationship with her partners, with Andee and Rickie, will implode and, with it, her career. Will she sell them out, and sell her soul in the process?

ABOUT AUTHOR Linnhe McCarron

Linnhe McCarron is the pen name for Leslie Helm who lives in an equestrian community near Big South Fork National Park in Jamestown, Tennessee. Originally from Connecticut, she lived in Maine for 15 years and Vermont for 10 but she has had horses most of her life, wherever home might be. She rides gaited horses now, a black Tennessee Walker named Luc, and a buckskin McCurdy Plantation Horse called Jax.

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