An Accomplished Woman Embraces Her Mid-Life Crisis,
One Bizarre Therapy At A Time

“A must read for anyone interested in relationship issues.” –Dr. Colin M. Barron, M.B. Ch

Hi, I’m Kay. Success isn’t everything and no one knows it better than I do. I’m the author of My Life in Thirty Seven Therapies: From Yoga to Hypnosis and Why Voodoo is Never the Answer. Recently released with much acclaim in the UK (Red Door Press, 2019). I’m now bringing my poignant, relatable and often funny story to the US in audio format in March 2020, narrated in my own voice.

With a burgeoning media career, a beautiful home, and a loving husband, everything changed one day when I woke up and said to my husband, “I’m leaving.” Why would someone who had it all walk away from the life most women would envy and turn to a host of weird and wonderful treatments in search of answers to a question she couldn’t even articulate?

Part memoir, part guide, My Life in Thirty Seven Therapies chronicles my quest for self-discovery. How I chose to deal with some very dark moments include forays into homeopathy, astrology, silent retreats and reiki while also dabbling in past-life regression, sonic therapy, shamanic retreats and other alternative modalities.

While some of the therapies I tried were more successful than others, I went further than most working through a total of 37 therapies. The good news is, I believe I came out on the other side healthy, whole and content as a result of some of these experiences. Packed full of funny stories, My Life in Thirty Seven Therapies will appeal to a myriad of women from younger working women looking for relief from stressful and arduous routines to baby boomers who practically invented our predilection for seeking alternative and exotic routes to life’s profound and mysterious answers. Stay tuned for more posts today!

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