Excerpt from An Apple A Day

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An Apple A Day by Author Kandeis Lynn

Sawyer had just come in for a quick drink. He had not intended to stay but the band was surprisingly good and he found the noise and anonymous crowd actually provided a respite from his own thoughts. The sleeves of his white dress shirt were rolled up to reveal strong tanned forearms. The expensive shirt stretched across his back to accentuate his broad shoulders and fell open at the neck to reveal a sprinkle of dark chest hair. His crisp shirt was tucked into dark denim jeans that hung low on his angular hips. A lock of curly black hair fell across his forehead giving him look a cherubic look. But the angelic appearance stopped at his eyes. His gray blue eyes glinted dangerously. Sawyer was not looking for company. He wanted to drink and forget. Forget the past. Forget his uncertain future. Forget his own name if he could. From his seat at the bar, Sawyer’s gaze skimmed the crowd. The bar crowd was typical, lots of beautiful twenty-somethings dancing and drinking as is they would never be forty-somethings, a clutch of older women trying too hard, and the assorted divorcees looking for a hook-up. He was none of these. He was alone and wanted to be left alone. That part of his life was over and the sooner he accepted it, the better. Sawyer ordered another bourbon and leaned back against the bar to watch the crowd. When Lauren squeezed past him to order another drink, he was surprised at his body’s reaction. She wore a gauzy white sundress that dipped dangerously low between her breasts and even further in the back. As he watched Lauren adjusted the slim straps that kept slipping from her shoulders, his mind wandered. He imagined sliding those straps all the way down past her long sexy legs until the dress pooled at her feet. What is she wearing under that demure white dress? He imagined sliding his fingers into lacy white panties that stood out against her tanned skin. He imagined drawing nipples that poked through her thin dress into his mouth and sucking them as she moaned.

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ABOUT AUTHOR Kandeis Lynne

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AUTHOR Kandeis Lynne

I grew up in the southeastern part of the United States. Being a strong willed, independent woman in the Deep South was sometimes a balancing act. Add to that a Southern Baptist preacher for a father and a large extended family watching my every move, I was a stick of dynamite waiting for a match. E.L James was the match. From the moment that my grandfather put the stubby carpenter’s pencil in my hand, I have loved to write. In high school, I wrote a weekly column for the county newspaper. I won awards for my stories including having one published in a the Women’s Missionary Union magazine. I went to Samford University to study writing but later transferred to Indiana University and completed a degree in Television Production and Theatre. Then life happened. I spent the next thirty years having a teaching career and a family. I am married to a wonderful creative man named David and we have an amazing son named Joshua. For three decades, stories were put aside for lesson plans and help with homework. Now, at last, I am returning to my true love-writing. My first two books, Hot for Teacher and An Apple A Day have just been published by Extasy Books. Book three, The Emancipation of Jinx Montrose, is in the works.

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