Book three in the Fairy Time Series

original G.I. Joe, a career army man to the core and has been for over twenty years. The last couple years in his down time he’s been volunteering with a children’s charity, helping children with disabilities gain career and life advice. Maggie Obrien lives on her brother’s ranch Wonderland, a widow raising her daughter surrounded by family and friends. She loves feeding everyone on the ranch, helping Logan with chores and watching her daughter play with the animals. Life is sweet on the ranch, and everything is going smoothly until he arrives, the man that sent her husband to die. Seeing him again unearths all the pain and anger over his death, and a new emotion that proves he lives up to the nickname “The wolf”.

ABOUT AUTHOR Jody Lynn Daniels

I’m a single mother of a very goofy fourteen year old boy whose growing up way too fast for me. I love to bake, cook, draw take pictures basically anything creative. I self published my first book in 2016, and its been a fun ride ever since, in between trying to figure out exactly what i’m doing.

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