Rekindled Hearts Series 1

High school sweethearts Heather and John have the kind of marriage you only read about in magazines. Everybody wants to be them or date them. They’ve struck it rich at a young age with their start-up tech company, but life is not always what it may seem for the rich and famous. John swore to Heather that despite their sudden influx of money, they would stay connected and grounded. But add in twenty years of marriage, three kids, hectic jobs and scores of responsibilities, and John has lost the ability to ignite passion in his wife. He’s skeptical about her plans for a weekend away at a strange marriage bootcamp, but he’s committed to get back what belongs to him. Heather’s energy has been sapped by raising kids, charity work and running a household with a husband who works too much and can’t seem to make it through a family dinner without taking calls from work. Her libido is hanging on by a thread, and she’ll go to great lengths to save their marriage. So, when she scores a pricey ticket to a mysterious marriage boot camp for the wealthy, the pair soon find themselves trapped in the middle of nowhere, facing off against one hilarious predicament after another. These tech giants are getting back to the basics! WARNING: Grab your canteens, because this book is ultra-steamy and will have you sweating like a lost hiker in July. Contains graphic descriptions of married people doing really fun things in the pool house … under the stars … in the water … under a picnic table. Adults 18 and over, please. SPOILER: Contains no cheating, no cliffhangers but does have a satisfying, happy ending.

ABOUT AUTHOR Gracie Sullivan

Gracie Sullivan is a new author of steamy, funny contemporary romance books dedicated to helping heroes and heroines fall BACK in love with each other! We are two mom friends who spend way too much time laughing, drinking coffee, and talking about sexy times, and who decided to put their ideas into lovable characters and enjoyable books. Our books may (usually!) take place within the bonds of marriage, but that’s no reason why it can’t be over-the-top HOT!! We create stories with happy endings, NO CHEATING, and no cliffhangers without a warning. We do our best to avoid triggers and make our stories enjoyable from beginning to end. If you happen to get your mojo back after reading, all the better! In It For My Wife is Gracie’s first book, but watch for more!

Posted by Gracie Sullivan, Author on Friday, July 27, 2018

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