Hockey Player, Devin, is a cold, individual when it comes to relationships. He doesn’t know a thing or two on how to date because he’s never had to learn. Women flock to him. He’s gorgeous, famous and downright irresistible. So when television sports reporter, Carla Sinclair, announces that the team can do better without him, he calls her on it. Devin puts on his charm to play nice guy, hoping to persuade her judgement, but she tells him he is out of her league. Devin wants to prove to her that he’s a worthy player on and off the ice, but Carla has her own reasons why she doesn’t want to get involved. She’s divorced and doesn’t think that falling in love will ever happen for her again. With a broken past and unseen future, Carla needs to figure out what she wants, while Devin, who struggles with his own insecurities is forced to face his past.

ABOUT AUTHOR Charlene Groome

contemporary romance and is the author of the Warriors Hockey series. She lives on the west coast of British Columbia with her husband and three children. A fitness enthusiast, retired hockey player, dependent on coffee, she enjoys hanging out at the lake with her family.

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