“Undercover With The Nanny is a suspenseful tale of deceit and desire as Sawyer barges into Kate’s life to get closer to her boss. Lies, loyalties and sexual tension drive up the stakes as Sawyer and Kate fall for each other.” (Deanna’s World blog) Met with great reviews, Undercover with the Nanny is now offered at the insane price of .99 for one week only on BookBub! That’s right; only one week. That’s why I’m here, to let CoffeeTime readers in on the scoop. You’re going to want to pick this book up. I’m so proud of it, I’m happy to offer it for .99. Still not sure? Here’s an excerpt: He swung the truck in a one-eighty, spewing gravel as he finally got a good look inside the construction. “It’s a hangar, Ian. We don’t have time to wait for the team. We’ve got to take him out now, or we’ll lose him to the sky,” Sawyer shouted over the wail of the siren, throwing the truck into park and leaping from it, using his door as cover. Good thing, because a barrage of bullets peppered the ground around him. Ian did likewise on his side. “Do you see Kate?” Sawyer yelled. He shouldn’t have bothered. With the siren’s shriek and the truck’s whirling red and blue grille lights pulsating like a strobe, he was in his own cocoon. Ian and his approaching team operated in a separate dimension. All he could hear was the drumbeat in his head: Let her be safe, let her be safe. There was a pause in the gunfire, and then the distinct sound of twin engines revving up from inside the makeshift hangar. Their quarry had abandoned the shootout. Sawyer still didn’t know if Kate was dead or alive. Either way, Cabrera wasn’t leaving. This chase ended here, now. There would be no more bloodshed. And God help the bastard if he’d hurt Kate. The squeal of tires on gravel told Sawyer the rest of his guys had arrived. But it was the plane he focused on. He threw a glance toward the other side of the truck, where Ian crouched, gun drawn, awaiting directions from Sawyer. They all did. Unless Sanchez arrived from San Diego, a distance too far for them to wait, it was Sawyer’s decision. He didn’t hesitate any longer. Under cover of the siren noise, he spoke into his mic. “Fan out. Be ready. I’m going in solo.” “What the hell, boss—” Ian’s voiced faded as Sawyer ignored his pleas and ran in a crouch toward the hangar, crisscrossing the ground to make himself a harder target. But there was no gunfire. Instead, the twin-engine plane rolled into view, gathering speed as it traveled toward him.


ABOUT AUTHOR Cathy Skendrovich

I write romantic suspense that will set you on fire. I started reading romantic suspense really early. I’d sneak my mom’s Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart romances into my room and read them. I think she knew. Not much escaped her. Reading those books made me want to write romantic suspense (without the gothic flare). I sent in my first work (a poem) at the age of twelve. It was published in a student magazine. After that, I had to stop writing creatively for a while because of work, college, and raising a family, but in 2013 I had my first romantic suspense, Prisoner of Love, published by Entangled Publishing. It was so exciting to finally see my writing in print! It was a culmination of a lifelong dream. Shortly after I had two pirate romances, The Pirate’s Bride and The Pirate Bride’s Holiday Masquerade, published with Literary Wanderlust publishers. My latest book, Undercover with the Nanny, came out April 2018, also from Entangled. I’m writing my next romantic suspense for them now, and am really loving this latest work of mine.


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