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No Mere Mortal, DECAGON1, by Author Amara Dey

Series: DECAGON1

This paranormal romance is awash with enchantment, gorgeous heroes and heroines, and of course eternal love. Set in London, Cuba, and the magical world of Decagon, our heroes – Bolt and Venus – battle a group of vicious invaders known as Moonfolk. But their enemy wields evil magic much more powerful than theirs. Can they they save their realm? Even with help from their Orisha friends? And, as their attraction grows, will they survive and make it back into each others arms? Find out in No Mere Mortal, which is the first of three novels in the DECAGON series.

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AUTHOR Amara Dey

Always fascinated by myths and magic, my romances feature the exotic deities of Cuba, known as Orishas. After hearing their legends from a Cuban friend, these fabulous gods became the inspiration for my brave heroes and heroines, and the magical world where they live. While from the rich folklore of my native Guyana, come the creatures they must defeat. My enjoyment of dance is also reflected in my stories, and like my characters I dance Salsa. I live in the beautiful old city of London, where my DECAGON series of novels are partly set.

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