I’m so happy to be here! How is Santa doing? My memory is of the first Christmas that our daughter really “got” it. She was just over two and a half years old and we had been preparing as a family through the whole Advent season. She loved the lights, the Christmas carols, the treats, the church. And they are so easy to buy for at that age. My husband and I wrapped everything in pretty paper with bows and ribbons but waited until after she went to sleep on Christmas eve to put everything out.

Her bedroom was upstairs so just going up and down was a challenge but something she had recently mastered. We called her from her bed. “Lindsay!” That alone was exciting because she knew she would be coming down by herself with no one holding her hand! She had no idea of what would be there when she turned that corner. Her face! That was what pure joy looks like. Her face lit up into a huge smile and her eyes went wide when she saw all the pretty presents under the lit Christmas tree. That is a great memory.


TheBruisedThistle_850 (1)Iseabail is the much adored only daughter of the MacNaughton laird. Upon his death, she is forced to submit to her lecherous uncle. When she escapes to get help from outside his tight sphere of control., he puts a price on her head and labels her a murderer. Unable to reveal her true identity even to the handsome mercenary who saves her not once but twice, she must fight her growing attraction or jeopardize her entire plan. With a price on her head and enemies on all sides, her trust is not something she can afford to give lightly…

Seumas MacDonell is a man wounded in body and soul, driven by guilt. Recently returned from the pilgrimage to the Holy Lands, he struggles with finding a purpose for his life. The wound that has left him impotent stands as a testimony to God’s punishment for him. When he rescues Iseabail from one of his men, he cannot deny the intense attraction he feels for her. Her protection falls on him despite her apparent distrust of him. In the hope of finding redemption for his sins, he agrees to help Iseabail…but will his feelings for her prove to be the ultimate obstacle to his salvation?


I’m giving away a digital copy of The Bruised Thistle. Comment for a chance to win.

Happy Holidays!


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