Angel (Payne) we have heard on high…reporting in for SANTA WATCH 2014!!

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!! So excited to be joining my wonderful friends with CTR to join in the holiday spirit with everyone, and follow Santa on his trek around the world to give everyone some special joy.

I am so grateful for what this year brought. It wasn’t just a terrific 12 months of getting to write great stories for you all, including the delirium of landing on the USA Today bestseller list for the first time, but the hugest blessings came in the way of making some remarkable new friends, and connecting to readers all over the country.

In my mind and heart, this is the best reason why I do what I do. It has been a deep and true blessing to meet so many amazing people, all sharing in the giant message that by believing in true love, maybe we can help spread some it, too.

That’s why, on this special night celebrating the very essence of what love is, I’m ditching the promo schpeels and the book buy links, and simply saying THANK YOU to the people who have made one of the best years of my life possible—and incredible!

My gorgeous husband and amazing daughter

My amazing, generous, beautiful, soul sister and writing partner:

Victoria Blue

Every single amazing member of the Angel Payne Readers Group on Facebook

All the wonderful readers who follow my newsletter

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Shannon Hunt with the ONCE UPON AN ALPHA blog

And Leagh Christensen with RNP

For all of their invaluable help!


Looking forward to an awesome 2015!

If you’d like to know more of what I have planned in the new year,

please feel free to visit my website:







I’m giving away a Kindle copy, winner’s choice, of either Saved by His Submissive OR No Prince Charming. Comment for a chance to win .

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