After attending Comic-Con, I was inspired to create something new for romance fans. It started with the Historical Romance Retreat but why leave out all the other wonderful genres of romance that make our world go around? I think we need a true Romance Fan Event that lets readers and authors gather together to celebrate everything we love about these books. The goal is to create a place where connections are made, new favorite authors can be discovered and where every reader is spoiled like the VIP they are!!  And so, The Romance Retreat was born!

TRR is crafted to be special because the pace is different than other larger conferences. At The Romance Retreat, readers can have fun while authors are re-inspired to write for the audience they adore. After all, I think we read and write romances because it’s ultimately about optimism and hope.  So instead of just greeting each other at a book convention, I wanted to create an Oasis, an Escape, and something so immersive and intimate that every Retreat feels like the refuge you never want to leave.  This year in Riverside, CA, we’re at a smaller boutique convention center near a gorgeous walking/shopping district closed to cars so no one feels confined.  At themed parties, readers and authors are encouraged to wear costumes or dress the part (if they want to!) which adds to the spirit of the Retreat. We’ll dance, we’ll play, we’ll attend workshops… but what we won’t do is stand in too many lines or miss any chance to try something new.

From a Steampunk Afternoon Tea, to the 1940’s USO/Military Romance gathering, to the Romantic Suspense Murder Party, to the Times Gone By Ball, to the Latin Dance Party, to the Comedy Club Evening and the Direwolves and Dragons Ball…there’s not a moment to be missed!  On Saturday, Sept. 7, the Book Signing Event will be open to the public (after our attendees get early entry!) so no one is left out!

And to make it even better, TRR is one of the most affordable events out there, so I hope that anyone who is a fan of romance will come out as we launch this new kind of gathering—for anyone and everyone who values that to-be-read pile and loves the thrill of a great romance book!  For more information, head over to to register and make your plans today!

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