aliyah_01Good morning, do I have your attention? LOL, nothing like starting the day out with a nice hot man such as this. I’m honored to be here and take part in sharing a bit about my story, Fields of Thunder with y’all. This story is the third on in my Astral Guardians series and the first that deals with a female Guardian. Roz is just as strong as the rest but unlike some of the women, she’s not scared or inhibited by her sexuality. She is a woman who embraces it.



I think in a lot of stories you find heroines who are timid or even a bit shy when it comes to sex. Roz is not like that. At all.

When she meets the hero, Altair, she’s immediately attracted to him and by the end of the day is taking him back to her office for sex. I don’t believe it makes anyone less moral to be open and understanding your own sexuality. I know a lot of society believes you should be different, more contained.


Again, Roz isn’t like that. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. To me touches and looks can be just as sexy as anything can be.  To see expressions, to almost be there and feel what they are experiencing. It’s a powerful emotion. There’s a beat, a pulse (at least in my mind) that happens when you’re connected with another person. One that’s also connected to the earth, ties us together. Makes it all the more powerful. When you’re with the one who does that for you, again, even if it’s just the brush of a hand or even a smile. It’s special. Roz, again, is connected to the earth and when she and Altair are mated, she has to trust that which can’t necessarily be seen with the naked eye. She has to believe in what she experiences and feels through a touch, when words can’t be spoken.


For the hero, Altair, he’s not a man who is used to expressing emotion. But with Roz, she pulls it out of him. Throughout the story, you see their connection deepening with each touch they share, each look that passes between them. I could tell you all but that would ruin the story. J I truly hope if you pick it up, you enjoy how they are with one another.  Roz and Altair have a lot to overcome before they can be together. The usual: demons, ex’s, and the like. Toss in a wary Rottweiler and a somewhat overbearing family and a whole lot of things could go wrong. Could. Some do even but it’s all in the adventure and the journey to the end.


However, throughout it all, you’ll find Roz and Altair learning more about themselves as individuals and as a couple. Each struggle and test brings them closer together. They learn to be confident in what is expected of them. And also to trust more, so much more than they thought they would have to do. It goes back to not necessarily being able to communicate with words but relying on a touch or a look.

Thanks again for letting me be here today. Have a fantastic day and an even better week.

 Check out Fields of Thunder today:

This is book three in the Astral Guardians series, see the full series listing here

If you listen you will hear the heartbeat of the Earth…

Roz Hill is a woman unafraid of her passion. So when she meets a man who gives her a visceral reaction, she doesn’t ignore it. One night leads to more… The discovery of her mate and finding her artifact.

Altair Sagal has his own code. Roz intrigues him in ways no one has for years. As they learn to be mates, they get tossed into situations that very well may kill them both before their life together even begins.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of torture and violence.

Publisher’s Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

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