By day, Eloisa James is a Shakespeare professor. But by night, she is the author of steamy romance novels. The dual life makes her sound like a superhero(ine), right?  But, you would have to add her other identities in order to get a true picture of this lady. She is married to her very own Italian knight, she is a mom plus she is a friend. Add in the fact that she  made a  jaded reviewer believe in fairy tales again and she sounds like the makings of a superhero(ine) to me!

“Once upon a time” takes on a whole new meaning in this Cinderella-esque tale. The vivid imagery draws the reader in to the pages while the wildly colorful characters dance across one’s imagination. I have heard terrific things about this author for quite awhile, but never took the time to pick up one of her books…until now. From the first page, I was lost in this world Eloisa James created. Fairy tales are a must-have for me. From the wicked stepmother to the carriage, the godmother and the ball, this contains all of the things an essential fairy tale requires, including the handsome prince. I laughed at the antics of the members of the prince’s family all the way to the end and fell in love with Kate and Gabriel. A fairy tale for adults…who would have imagined?

A Kiss at Midnight review

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