One thing that Cera duBois does not believe in and that is giving up on your dreams. She grew up as a farm girl in West Central Pennsylvania and relied on her imagination to compose some stories. As the school year continued, Cera wrote a tangled romance that was set in the Deep South during the Civil War. Her English teacher was wowed and from there her ultimate dream of writing was born. As a reader, I am glad she did not give her on her dream, because after reading A Hunter’s Angel, I want to read more of her captivating stories.

A Hunter’s Angel is one enticing good read. I absolutely love the characters, especially Ian, and the way he is painted as a man who demands presence. The reader gets a visual of this tall drink of water. Ian is a protector any woman would cherish. The way he and Grace bond, with their on and off situation, is written with great dialogue, and intensity, making the story thoroughly engaging as they forge full swing into some thrilling events. Cera duBois pens a convincing story that fascinates with action-packed suspense and romance that sears the pages.

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