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Greetings everyone!

I am so excited to have been invited by Coffee Time Romance to take part in their interesting Blog feature surrounding me and my work, answer your questions – hopefully you will have lots to inquire about in different areas – and I will be most happy to accommodate you as best I can.

I have loved to write, but did not get the chance to seriously do so until 2001, when I threw my hat in the ring and began to write with the intentions of seeing where it might take me. I am not professionally trained in the field, but I have always possessed a natural flare for expressive written word accompanied with an endless imagination to support them. I self-published my fist title in 2009, my first poetry collection, titled Feelings: A Rhythmic Journey in Thought. This title – which unfortunately is no longer available – was the first of twelve titles thus far.

I write in four genres, poetry, children’s short stories, adult comedy, and romantic fiction drama – my favorite genre and the one for which  I am best known.  As you can see in the photo above, I am at a bustling Indigo – in Ancaster, Ontario – signing for my newest romance/drama, The Perils of Autumn, published by Tellwell Talent, a Readers Favorite Books 5-star-award-winning novel, and now a Finalist in this year’s International Book Awards.





Please feel free to visit my official website, to find out more about me by checking out my Bio/Contact, assorted Book Pages, Theatrical Book Trailers, and browsing my Journal.


My Author of the Day feature with Coffee Time Romance, is the first open interaction I’ve shared with readers in a situation where you can interact with me throughout the entire day. However, I must say that each year on my October 5th Birthday, many assorted characters from my books, send their personal birthday wishes and greetings to me, and many do not hold back on the contents of what they say. They have gathered together for the last two years on my Rusty Facebook page and you can check out last year’s occasion by taking this link: 

I have done many features with interviews and the like where readers can ask a written question, or questions e-mailed prior to an event where I reply through e-mail as well, but I’ve never done a feature such as this one and maybe it’s time I did. I very much look forward to what you might ask – and here’s hoping I have an answer – but I usually do.

As this concept is new to me, I hope I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and in the way I’m to do it. In many ways I am an open book, and I enjoy discussing not only my work, but different topics that readers may wish to talk about. If you have visited my official website, you will see that I have many interests, and have experienced many of them in memorable ways. My life, thus far, has taken me down unique roads, many of which brought some of the best memories I hold sacred; some brought memories I’d just as soon forget, yet, each venture, and every step, allowed me the chance to experience life, not just look at it as it passed by my window. Life’s experiences are what allows me an incredible well to draw from when it comes to my writing; I hope experience continues to do just that.

If you have checked-out my official website:, you will have found out a considerable amount about me, and a lot to base your questions on. You can familiarize yourselves with the different titles I’ve written and their characters, many of which I have come to consider as personal friends.  Feel free to ask my characters questions, interact with them, for through them, you get an interesting look inside of me.

Tomorrow will soon be upon us, and I look forward to meeting you all!

Let’s have a fun time!

Rusty Backwood

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