St. John Sibling Series, book 5

Discipline her mantra, equestrian Gabrielle Varga is well on her way to an Olympic medal in dressage. She doesn’t believe fun and responsibility mix, a lesson she learned when her parents divorced because her father loved playing more at The Joust, the medieval theme venue he bought with his wife’s inheritance. Renn St. John is a stunt rider at The Joust, the knight his boss has charged with running the business. Renn’s mantra, if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life. He’s also a fixer of all things broken. When Gabrielle returns to The Joust to care for her estranged, ailing father, Renn sees in Gabrielle a wounded soul. She sees in Renn a younger version of the father who put his love for fun and The Joust ahead of his family, yet finds herself drawn to Renn. But something is rotten at The Joust. The numbers don’t add up. The business shouldn’t be failing. Gabrielle wonders if Renn can help her pull the business out of debt, or if the fun-loving knight might not be part of the problem. She doesn’t need fun, she needs answers.

Contemporary Series

ABOUT AUTHOR Barbara Raffin

Award-Winning author Barbara Raffin has lived on the Michigan-Wisconsin border all her life. Blessed with a vivid imagination, she creates stories and adventures where she can explore her love of words and the human psyche. Whether a romantic romp or gothic-flavored suspense, her books have one common denominator: characters who are wounded, passionate, and searching for love. Come laugh and cry with her.

Barb Raffin

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