New (to Us) Author Information

This page will let you know of a few free things that Coffee Time Romance has available to help you promote yourself and your book:

  • Do you have a book video trailer? Friend us on YouTube. Then send us a quick note and let us know what genre your book video trailer. We will get that added so readers can see it.
  • Sign up for our Coffee Time Romance – Author Services Sale Notifier & Promotional Opportunities Alerts eMail list to receive information about Author Services going on sale and promotional Opportunities that we have going on to help you promote your books.
  • Do you have a Steampunk book? We have a Steampunk area. We have an active community and a fun place to get all of the news, find out about new (and old) books, and a great blog!
  • Author Take Over – Coffee Time Romance & More has partnered with HeartFelt Promos to give you the author a whole new way to schedule and participate in chats, the takeover. While takeovers aren’t new, they’ve been going on for a while now on Facebook, they are new to Coffee Time Romance & More. We are hoping that this new way of scheduling chats will make it easier for authors and groups of authors to schedule events with Coffee Time Romance & More. Click here to get started.
  • Show it off Saturday – (Facebook Event) – We have something fun for you!  Saturdays, we will be hosting 2-3 authors per day on our Facebook page. You provide the information, we do all of the work!  This is fun way to get your book and author news out to readers.  Set up your date here!
  • Interested in scheduling an interview with one of our wonderful interviewers? Contact our Interview Coordinator, to set a date!
  • We have a place to list your author name and your web site.  If you will send us your full author name and the URL address for your web site, we will add that to the listing.
  • We also have reviewers who can review your books and we post them on the site upon completion. The guide lines and submission information is listed here and you can contact our Review Coordinator with any questions.
  • We have a free promotional area in our forums that you are more than welcome to brag about your books at any time.
  • Also we have an event calendar if you would like to add information about you, your events, and your book releases.

We have more services listed here. And some other contact information is listed here. If you need anything else or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Other Nifty Things to help out..

Chat announcement check sheet made available to you from Marketing for Romance Writers. Join the group here. Tell them we sent you (wink)

MFRW’s motto is “Seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.” MFRW is open to the literary community. We teach members marketing and publicity, and work together to provide opportunities. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and now Coffee Time Romance. We brainstorm ideas, get feedback, and find others for mutual promotion. We are associated with The group was founded in 2006 by author Kayelle Allen, and has a staff of over a dozen volunteers. All our training is free. Join us! Great group created by Kayelle Allen

Have a wonderful day!

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