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Are you a published writer? Or are you looking to get published? We are here to help. We have some wonderful people who volunteered their time and their talents to help you with your quest in this field.

These seminars are free and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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September 27th

Audiobooks with ACX: Sounds Fantastic! – Claire Gem

This step-by-step tutorial will show authors how to produce their work into audiobooks with ACX (an Amazon company), all at NO up-front cost to the author. Taught by a multi-published author who’s done it multiple times.

Long Description:
People’s lives get busier every day, which means less and less free time to read. I got hooked on audiobooks three years ago, turning my commute every day into precious reading time.

Producing audiobooks has never been easier than with ACX, an Amazon company. This step-by-step presentation will take you from start to finish on how to turn your book into a recorded masterpiece. And all at NO up-front cost to the author.

September 29 – October 2nd

Grab ’em Quick – Kathryn J. Bain

A bad first line is like a dead worm – it’s not going to catch any attention. In this workshop, we will analyze some first sentences to see what some of the biggies have used and why they worked. Then you’ll get a chance to have your first line critiqued to make it the best hook possible.

October 25th

Branding Yourself at a Writers ConventionJanie Franz

Getting lost in a sea of authors at a genre writers convention is a common woe as a writer. How do you make yourself standout without making yourself ridiculous? This seminar will show you some common sense ways to stand out from the crowd and make your brand known. Some of the methods cost nothing and others may involve a little cash. All of them require effort and a strong confidence in yourself as a writer and as a business person.




February 20th – 24th

Anti-plotting: Strategies for Pantsers and Plotters


Seminar Host: Ruth Kaufmann


Your imagination and your characters can show you the way to a better manuscript if you know how to let them. Via lecture, exercises and discussion, I’ll cover an overview of plotting vs. pantsing, changing your mindset to understand who’s really steering the ship and why, how to free your mind and yourself from the demands of pre-plotting and the dreaded synopsis, ways to come up with more ideas more quickly and avoid writers block, how to go deeper into POV, tips for avoiding author intrusion, how to go beyond the story to move forward and more.

February 24th – 25th

Marketing Tips for Authors


Seminar Host: Elaine Calloway


Book marketing tips that I’ve learned since taking the plunge in self-publishing. I started with zero readers (except my mom!) and eventually became an Amazon bestselling author with a following and now my books pay my expenses and travel every month.

March 7-13

Show Not Tell presented by Michele Drier

Bring the reader into your story by understanding and using techniques that show the action.

Showing not telling brings readers into the action and characters of your story. This class will teach you ways to use active verbs, body language and dialogue tags to pump up your writing through examples, exercises and critiques.

You’ll look at body language, (“I don’t get it.” He picked up a pencil, turned it over and scratched his head.) instead of “I don’t get it,” he said.

Active verbs include ways to eliminate (at least limit) auxiliary forms of “to be” (e.g. was).

Reducing gerunds and using appropriate verbs (a grown woman doesn’t “scamper”. Just because it’s in a Thesaurus doesn’t mean it should be used.

There will be short writing exercises (no more than a paragraph) and peer critiques.

April 3-5: Conflicts Hurts hosted by Melinda Curtis

Conflict hurts – not just to your characters – but it’s painful to create and carry through on a page. However, conflict drives story and holds an editor’s attention, which means it sells books. And conflict compels readers to turn the page, which helps create an emotionally satisfying read and repeat purchases. Writers need conflict! If you haven’t yet mastered conflict, attend this hands-on course!

April 20-21: Marketing Tips for Authors hosted by Elaine Calloway

Book marketing tips that I’ve learned since taking the plunge in self-publishing. I started with zero readers (except my mom!) and eventually became an Amazon bestselling author with a following and now my books pay my expenses and travel every month.

April 27: Plotting Made Easy with Post-It Notes hosted by Carolyn Rae

You can plot the course of a romance with its ups and downs and have a flexible plan to follow. You can see your plan at a glance and revise as you write your story.

May 22-26: Putting Together Visual Ads for Your Book hosted by Tracee Lydia Garner

This workshop will explore some free programs to put together and get your book information out there, either through a book trailer under a minute to 90 seconds to short author interview q n a’s to tell viewers more about yourself. We will cover putting together the information in an interesting way, do’s and don’ts, programs that can help you do it faster and storytelling (regardless of length of your actual book) in a short/concise way. Includes resources for stock photography, free images, royalty free music and how to select some appropriate and other important resources for you to use. The final day will include a budget to put this together from 0 to 150+ bucks and a short list of places to promote your videos. 

June 6-17

Making Money Through Teaching and Private Writing Coaching – Tracee Lydia Gamer

I have been teaching novel writing and romance novel writing at the college level for 15 years and it has been an awesome experience. Coming up with new content, staying on top of trends and dealing with an ornery student (or two) are not for the faint of heart. I will cover curriculum development to managing personalities in class to ensure success and even how long should classes be and where to find additional places to teach besides the college campus.


  • Curriculum development, exercises and ensuring diverse learning vehicles to render “accessible” content for all /Visual aides
  • What to teach? Developing materials, homework/group project assignments
  • Decide length of sessions, duration of entire course and frequency of sessions
  • What to put into a mini (teaser) session (at libraries/community centers) to drive people to your full class
  • Pricing and registration
  • Who to contact? What and How to submit?
  • Work with a reputable venue or go your own way (pros and cons)
  • Ways to market your course
  • Getting testimonials for further marketing/wrap up and evaluation of the course for tweaking and improving
  • BONUS: Take Your Class online -pros/cons of three possible online teaching vehicles to take your course online (Coursera, Udemy or Skillbites)
  • BONUS: How to do Private Writing Coaching as an add on to the original course

June 11th

Turning up the Heat – Sarah Leyton

Get your love scenes from simmer to smokin’ hot. This seminar help writers to improve the love scenes in their stories. While traditional romance writers may learn some new tricks, the focus will be for erotica writers. Get your scenes to really sizzle!

June 23rd

How to Write Faster and More Productively – Carolyn Rae

You can writer faster and have more presentable material. Find ways to save time, tailor your novella, novel or article to the market

Luring Readers to Live Your Story with Deep Viewpoint – Carolyn Rae

How to make readers identify with your character and root for him or her. Different types of viewpoint, omniscient, first person, second person, third person, when to use each, how to tailor viewpoint to character, how to change viewpoint smoothly.

June 12-25th

Having Fun with Writing Prompts – A. Catherine Noon

Let’s use some writing prompts and limber up our story muscles. Using pictures, word play, and short scenarios, we will practice writing 500 word scenes for each other. Writing should be fun; let’s play!

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