Good morning, Linda Hadaway and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Linda, the readers are very eager to hear about the story that you have written. Please pull up a chair and lets share some hot coffee and warm chocolate chip cookies.

Why not tell us how your day begins?

I work three days a week now..I usually have projects going on, either with my writing, sewing quilts, or other crafts, fun times with grandkids, and I do some volunteer work for a nonprofit organization.

We would love to hear about your current release, Beyond The River. What led you to compose this book? Was it something that you had always wanted to compose?

My husband and I adopted our grandson. My husband was not the father of my children and had not had any kids, so in raising our “grandson”- he became our “son” with the adoption. Of course, we are older..and in the story, Beyond the River, Taylor has a special bond with his grandfather. My husband and our son do a lot of fishing and outdoor activities, so that was the seed to my story. The adventure part was interesting and fun- as my other writing has been for adults. I enjoyed writing this book and having something that all our grandkids could read and enjoy. There are twists and turns and surprises.

When creating your stories, do you normally close other things out and solely consecrate on the book until completely finished?

For the most part, yes. Although I may be editing one book while writing a new one, but I have always been motivated to complete things, so that has really helped in my writing.

Can you tell the readers what other things that you might be working on?

Currently, I am working on a book concerning domestic violence and alcohol addiction.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to read, and read. I have a passion for sewing quilts and other projects. I love to do yard work. Travel, of course, whenever I can. I enjoy family get togethers; grandkids. I play. I think it’s important to have as much fun and laughter as you can!

Is there a certain food or dessert that you get a craving for?

Popcorn! And, of course, chocolate.

If you could choose spending time on a quiet beach, or in the mountains what would you choose?

I have to choose????? A sandy beach with the soft waves rolling up, cold water on your feet, the soft sand between your toes. A shinning sun warming your face. Or…………a sound of an eagle over head as he sours over the tree tops; the smell of pine trees; moss hanging heavy like grandmas shawl hanging from her shoulders, …I don’t know……….

Thank you Linda for being with us today. It has been a delight spending time with you.  


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