ISBN: 9781634863094
February 4, 2017
JMS Books, LLC
142 Pages
Gay, Thriller, Erotic, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

When a job goes sideways and he loses Tony, Keagan decides it is time to step back from his role in the Agency. Their remote cabin becomes his refuge; a place to lick his wounds in private, and try to piece his heart back together.

Gage is pretty certain the trickery to bring Keagan back in will not go over well. Their mission to hunt down a fellow operative makes it even worse.

Keagan and Gage do not have to work too hard to find Ash, which in itself, is very worrisome. Instead of the job going down the way their handler intended, Gage and Keagan find themselves in a nest of snakes alongside Ash. As their new mission crisscrosses the country the men develop deep and lasting feelings for each other. Keagan will never forget the love he lost, but if he, Gage, and Ash survive this job, it could be a new beginning for all of them.

Three gorgeous men playing a deadly cat and mouse game is about as sexy as it comes. I love that Keagan, Gage, and Ash are absolutely all male, making no excuses for who they are and what they want. With the testosterone running this thick you can almost feel the pages vibrate. These men take every challenge head on, and in sync, which is exactly what you want to see in a relationship like this.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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