April 2017
Lorna Baldwin Books
344 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Benton is a rich snobbish man who, to all appearances, makes little impact in the world. Now he needs a wife to continue living in the lap of luxury.

Jolene is a woman from the wrong side of town who has little regard for the rich people of the world. Now her best friend’s son needs tuition to attend a snooty school which will offer him the bright future he deserves.

Benton just want his life style but meeting his wedding planner brings a woman like none he has ever met. Meeting Benton draws Jolene into a world that is not all glitz and glamour. When family on both sides of the aisle have issues with the marriage, will Jolene and Benton fight them all off and possibly find something real in the end?

The road to the church is bumpier than many would expect for the life of the privileged, but the reader soon learns life is messy all over. I truly enjoyed the lives of the characters in the pages of the book, but the true gem in the story is two people learning perceptions are not everything and rarely is anything as it appears. I found Benton a less than admirable character but he is a man who is looking for a reason to change. Jolene is a little more snobby and judgmental and must learn to change her point of views. Though the story is a romance there is so much going on in Wife for a While which makes is a more enjoyable read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More



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