The Original’s Trilogy, Book 2
ISBN/ASIN# 978099718726/B06VY6PKWG
April 2017
Cara Crescent Books, LLC
304 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Trina has spent her life fighting the magic inside her. Now, she and her out of control magic, is all that stands between redemption and Armageddon. The last thing she needs is a mate to put in danger.

Duncan is a vampire with a past he still lives with. There is something wrong with his new assignment but the Watchers are indicating he must proceed. How could he know they were leading him to his past and his future?

Trina and Duncan are all that stands between the humans and annihilation. There is little time so the duo is going to have to ignore their personal feelings and save the world. When the betrayal of those who are trusted is revealed, will any of them survive?

The Shadow is an adventure of magical and frightening events and characters. Duncan is my favorite. Trina is an interesting woman who has lived her life in fear while Duncan has spent most of his in pain from the loss of his family. I love the idea of who Trina is to Duncan and the impact the past has on the future. The Shadow is an entertaining paranormal story.


Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

The Shadow Series

  • Book 1: The Beacon
  • Book 2: The Original’s Trilogy

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