ISBN#: 9781773390376
October 2016
Evernight Publishing
129 Pages
Paranormal. Suspense, BDSM, Erotic, Shifters/Vampires, Rubenesque
Rating: 5 Cups

Quinn is a sixth grade school teacher with a dark secret. Her father may be in jail, but that does not mean he will not continue to try and murder her if he finds out where she is. Even being in the witness protection program may not be enough to save her. Despite her past, she has been trying to build a life in Shifter Falls, and that includes trying to find her perfect man. Now if her and Piran the man she has been trying to arrange a date with for weeks could only find a way to actually get together.

Piran is a jaguar shifter and experienced woodworker and artist. He really likes what he has learned of Quinn on phone calls and through texting and e-mails, if only they could actually figure out a way to meet in person!

Quinn is used to her life being disrupted. She is used to her handler snatching her up and moving her to a new location with a whole new identity. But this time she does not want that to happen, she wants to find out if there can be anything between her and Piran and if she has to leave that cannot happen. So, when she and Piran are finally going to meet in person, and she gets an e-mail that her father has escaped and could be heading her way, she is devastated. She goes about canceling her date with Piran for the thirteenth time. Fortunately, she butt-dials him by accident and he overhears part of her conversation with her handler. Instead of being put off, he wants to come to her house and of all things help protect her, even without hearing the entire story! As soon as Piran gets within smelling distance, he knows Quinn is his mate, but he also knows she is entirely human and he has to go slow. Too bad, her father and his cronies have other plans. Will Piran be able to keep the woman he loves safe, or will his worst nightmare happen?

The Jaguar’s Mate is a wonderful shifter love story and romantic suspense! I LOVED reading this book! The world building is awesome, and I loved the idea of a town full of shifters and the name of the town as well. The romance between Quinn and Piran is erotic, sexy and very emotional. I really loved that last part because not every author is good at adding the emotion, not to mention the humor in, as Ms. Zyon is. I highly recommend The Jaguar’s Mate and I will checking out the other stories in this series as well!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
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