ISBN/ASIN: 9781623900625/B0741PPNNZ
July 2017
Two Stone Lions Press
272 Pages
Romance, Mystery & Suspense, Inspirational
Rating: 5 Cups

Susanna is headed back to a town she once called home but barely escaped from. She has no desire to examine the past; desires only to clean our her childhood home and sell it. One of the first persons she sees is Grant, a man who was once the boy she had a crush on.

Grant lost faith and quit being a pastor after his wife left him for another man. He has worked to care for his daughter and mother who suffers the pain of losing her daughter on that long ago day. When he sees Susanna again he is immediately attracted but unsure what to do since she is determined to once again leave her hometown behind, and all he can do is stay.

On Acadia Street, one summer day, Four little girls went out to play….. One event changed the course of lives, but someone is determined to balance the scales of justice and feels the time is right to ensure no one ever forgets. Grant and Susanna are caught in the sights of someone digging up the sins of the past; will Susanna and Grant survive, or will another life be lost?

I loved this book. The story was very suspenseful and the author maintained the mystery through every page until the very end. The discovery is worth the wait and the ending is captured perfectly. The characters were well formed and the writing was superb. I highly recommend the writing of Ms. Marlow and the story within the pages of Silenced Song.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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