January 5, 2017
ISBN: 9781773391304
Evernight Publishing
234 pages
Paranormal, Contemporary, Suspense, Rubenesque, Mainstream
Rating: 4 Cups

Beth, a recent widow, uses a clairvoyant to speak with her dead husband, but this last time he tells her to forget him and move on. Crushed and alone, she seeks solace in a handsome stranger she invited to eat with her at a busy restaurant and later to her room. He gave her his number, but she has no plans on ever seeing him again. However, they do meet again, but when she was nine months pregnant and about to deliver … their son.

Greg, an ex-con newly released, believes he is worthless and unable to love thanks to his past. One night in a busy restaurant he ends up sharing dinner with Beth and later, back in her hotel room, a night of intense passion. He does not expect to see her again, which is fine with him since he thinks that she can do better. The next he sees her his world is turned upside down as she gives him something he never anticipated.

At first Greg is unsure about staying, thinking he has nothing to offer, but that changes once he holds his son. Beth had let the low opinions of the people in her life, including her dead husband’s, sway how she treated Greg, but the desire and growing love between them halted that. Along with how other people thought, Beth’s neighbor Will, who has a scary fixation for her and hears voices, decides to act on his plans to have her to himself. Will the ghost of her dead husband help Greg? Will Greg be able to face one of the voices haunting Will, who is a ghost from his horrible past?

The characters were great, the story itself was riveting, and the extra bit about good and evil ghosts adds a nice touch to the story making it much more than just a typical romance. The ghosts added an unusual touch to the story from the opinions of Beth’s dead husband to the horror when it is revealed that one of Will’s voices is a ghost from Greg’s past. Seeing Beth and Greg finally get over their hang-ups and be together despite bad opinions, restless ghost, and psycho neighbors possessed by said ghosts made this a great read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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