2 May 2017
Kensington Lyrical
350 Pages
Chick Lit
5 Cups

Laney feels the pressure of determining who she is going to be because the one thing she wants to be is an artist.  The daughter of two professors is not supposed to be a dreamer but despite a stick in the mud mother she is going to take a chance and fly.

Laney is accepted as an art intern and all she must do is raise the money for her ticket.  Her flight lands her in the romantic city of Paris on what she sees is her last chance to be an artist.

Laney finds a whole new world in Paris; including friends, art, love, and a future.  Will she allow her past to taint her future or will she throw away all doubt and find her place in the world?

Owning It is a story about growing up, but with the flair of a bohemian artist.  You may become frustrated with Laney at first but hang in there because there is a gold mine on the other side.
I loved Laney and Gabriel but the true treasure in the story is discovering who you are despite others saying there is no way your dreams can come true.  The romance on the side is an added bonus to the true genius of the character Laney.  I highly recommend every woman read Owning It because it is truly a chasing your dream story and saying the heck with everything else.  Cheers to Ms. Brown for encouraging women to follow their own funky beat.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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