Dark Club, Book 2
October 2015
Cobblestone Press, LLC
48 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Maya has taken a job at Dark; a club for people who like sex on the spicy side. One evening she is approached by a stranger who has been watching her, and he is offering her a night of pleasure.

Avery is used to women throwing themselves at him for one reason or another, but never for the man that he is. From the moment he sees Maya she lights his world.

Maya is from the working class and has earned everything in her life. Avery is a child of wealth and privilege but is determined to make something for himself. Can these two, from different worlds, make something for themselves outside the walls of Dark?

The story is fast paced and provides all the elements of instant love. I found the characters well developed and the writing fleshed out all the characters and the world in which Avery and Maya exist. I never felt there was something missing and was enthralled until the very last word. Ms. Addison packs a punch in the second story confined to the world of Dark and it is worth the read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Book 1: Intimate Strangers

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