Hell’s Lovers MC, Book 2
May 2017
Crimson Syn
137 Pages
Erotic, MC Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Grayson is always the one in control – right up until Rahyne. The first moment he met her changed his world, but the only thing she wants is his body.  He is determined she will take so much more no matter what it takes.

Rahyne is the only always in control, until she meets Gray and she wants to give up all control. Her painful past taught her to never trust again, but Grayson sure does tempt her.

There is a threat to the Hell’s Lovers MC and when it harms and threatens one of their own, Gray and his brothers must fight and protect. Rahyne is hurt by the enemy which leads her to an epiphany; Gray is just as much hers as she is his, but is it too late?  Will the MC be able to keep the wolf at their back door, or will someone have to go before peace will reign?

I absolutely covet the writing of Ms. Syn. Her characters come alive and even the meanest biker of the group shines. There is always a threat in the MC life and the author brings the reader right to the edge and then keeps them hanging on. Grayson is a true man who is willing to admit maybe he had it wrong. Rahyne is a woman who finally recognizes losing control is not always a bad thing. These two together are explosive and well worth the read.

Reviewer Coffee Time Romance & More

Hell’s Lovers MC

  • Book 1: Wolf
  • Book 2:  Grayson

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