February 2017
Roane Publishing
66 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Calliope made a terrible mistake; a curse trapped her in a prison of her own making. A young child and her father give Calliope hope of rescue, but another steps in the way.

Bastian does not know what to make of the woman behind the mask and his assumptions fall far short of reality. He is falling for the masked woman but another calls him back to a life he once thought he wanted but now knows there is a better place.

Calliope has a limited amount of time to save herself and her people and time is in the last days. True love can grow from impossible odds but it also releases one in the hopes their life would be better for it. Dooming her friends and family is worth the sacrifice of letting the man she loves go even knowing her abysmal fate. If you love someone do they really ever return?

I loved this story. It was both tragic and beautiful; all characters offered a unique point of view to their destiny. Yareema is a special little girl who deserves the best life has to offer and the reader is left praying for all characters to find true happiness. Bastian is a complex man who, despite past heartbreak, is learning to live again. The evolution of the characters is amazing. I highly recommend Crimson Curse.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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