ISBN# 9781934614068
September 2007
Calderwood Books
135 Pages
Young Adult Paranormal Thriller
Rating: 3 Cups

Kim is making four prom dresses for her and three friends. Soon though, strange things are happening and she and her sewing machine are involved with an odd old woman and even odder things coming out of the closet. Kim thinks the strain may be getting to her, but with her boyfriend Mike she intends to find the truth.

Mike is Kim’s boyfriend and while he would like to be able to explain all the weird things happening to them, it is hard to do. Soon the “otherworldie” things are going to have to be dealt with, and Mike is not going to let Kim down.

When her sewing machine starts sewing on its own Kim knows there is trouble. Soon her friends are acting odd and what is in the closet? Will Kim and Mike be able to save themselves and their friends before Prom ends?

The story of the evil prom gowns combined with buddy romances and best friends is the premise of an interesting story. The only problem in the nearly perfect book was an unnecessary reference to possible future sex: “Maybe they’d spend the night together, too. Maybe soon”. This snippet stops me from recommending the book to the young women, I know would enjoy it most. Other than this I was fascinated. The girl’s closeness and caring was moving and in the end even evil creatures couldn’t compete with friendship. The dialogue was perfect and the quest for the perfect prom dress versus otherworld creatures kept me turning pages all night. Every character was unique enough to be special. I truly feel I have met these people in real life and this made the book sing for me.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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