ISBN:  978-0-399-55625-8
February 28, 2017
Alfred A. Knopf
Hard Cover
$17.99 US / $23.99 CAN
320 Pages
Young Adult
Rating: 3 Cups

Platitudes are the bane of Maeve Glover’s existence. She has heard them all, and not one is helpful when every moment of every day is a fight against her anxiety.

Music is as essential as air for Salix Bradley. The goal is Julliard, but even if she does not make it in, every day is a good day with a violin in her hands.

Panic attacks are a constant for Maeve, so the thought of her mother being thousands of miles away for six months sends her anxiety levels through the roof. Staying with her father is really the only option. This would not normally be an issue, except her dad is falling off the wagon again, and her step-mother is about to have another baby. Meeting Salix is like a beacon in a storm for Maeve, especially when things at home go toes up.

Sixteen is a hard age for anyone, yet Maeve’s problem is far beyond ordinary teenage angst. Visualizing every possible scenario that involves injury or death plays in an endless loop for Maeve, and it is exhausting!  It is almost incomprehensible to imagine living with this kind of constant fear. Thankfully Maeve has Salix and her step-mom to keep her on course, which in my opinion, turns this story from heartbreaking to hopeful.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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