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Looking for an honest book review? This is the place to be. We have all seen a book that ‘looks’ great, but is it as good as the promotion that you just read?

Our staff reads a LOT of books and gives you their opinions to help you make those critical decisions…to buy or not to buy. Look at the rating system below to help you know how and why we rate the books and then click through the newest reviews which are listed by genre or use our search feature to search by author, genre, a character’s name, basically anything you can think of to find that book.

Authors! Review Submission Guidelines

5 CupsUltra Rare Extraordinary Read. Not many books will be rated a 5. It is a superior work!

4 Cups – Outstanding Great Read. It is not excellent, but it is certainly worth reading. You’ll enjoy this book very much. This book should be at the top of your list.

3 Cups – A Good Read. This is a good to read book. It is the sort of book that you enjoy while you are reading it. When compared to others it is good but not amazing.

2 Cups – The book has several problems. If a book receives a two cup rating, then the reviewer did not like it. You ask why? Maybe the book was so confusing with the characters, the reviewer could not keep up; or the plot did not make sense; or the book was long and drawn out.

1 Cup – The book very poor read. Reading this book is a waste of your time.

CTRR Awards

Coffee Time Romance reviewers read hundreds of books each month, in order to bring you the best for your reading pleasure.
Out of all these books only a select few receive our coveted CTRR Award.

Recent Winners:

A Country Love Song by Sinclair Jayne

A COUNTRY LOVE SONG Smokey Mountain Knights, Book 1 SINCLAIR JAYNE ISBN#: 9781946772268 May 2017 Tule Publishing EBook $3.99 365 Pages Contemporary Romance Rating: 5 Cups Sutter Knight is a woman who is riding a shooting star to the top and...

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One Taste of Angel by Violetta Rand

ONE TASTE OF ANGEL Iron Norsemen MC, BOOK 1 VIOLETTA RAND ASIN#: B06XFK84WG MAY 30, 2017 St Marten’s Press/Swerve EBook $3.99 270 Pages Contemporary, MC Romance Rating: 5 Cup Serafina sacrificed it all to ensure the safety of the only man she ever...

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The Siren’s Son by Helen Scott

THE SIREN'S SON The Siren Legacy Book 1 HELEN SCOTT AISN Number: B06WLJ16ZZ April 25, 2017 Amazon Digital Services LLC E-Book/Paperback $0.99/$9.99 362 Pages Paranormal Romance Rating: 5  Cups The Siren's sons are four brothers; Alec Cantio is one of...

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