shutterstock_110039939Hi everyone.  Thanks for having me on the Coffee Thoughts blog. My name is Krystal Brookes and I became a published romance author in April 2012, so I’m still pretty new to this game. I write both contemporary Scottish Romance and Science Fiction Romance.  My stories seem to be getting hotter and hotter.

So why do I write Contemporary Scottish Romances? They say you should write what you know.  I live in a small village on the West Coast of Scotland. I know what you’re thinking. You have a vision of me tramping through the heather with a West Highland terrier at my heels, a sexy kilted man at my side and my gorgeous thick auburn hair blowing in the sea breeze.

But alas, it’s not really like that. I don’t even know Ewan McGregor or David Tennant. Men don’t run around in kilts all the time (more’s the pity). But I sometimes wonder if they should. here are the reasons why:

  1. All men look good in kilts. It doesn’t matter what size or shape they are, the kilt looks good on men and flatters them.
  2. Scottish men wear nothing under the kilt. Yes it is true and you were all wondering. Well I am here to tell you that it is not an urban myth.
  3. Tartan is sexy and never goes out of fashion.
  4. A man would have a sporran to hold all the things that your tiny clutch bag/purse can’t hold when you are on a night out. It’s more fun rooting around in a sporran for your lipstick than in a suit pocket.

Your man doesn’t need to wear a smart Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket. men in Scotland wear soccer shirts, tennis shoes etc with their kilts.  So why don’t you ask your hubby or boyfriend to don a kilt for Valentine’s day, your birthday or your next bigh special occasion. He’ll be surprised just how much attention he recieves.

I always put my Scottish heroes in a kilt if possible. In 2012, Pink Petal Books published the first three books in the Kilrigh Heat Series. They are all available here on Coffee Time Romance and at most other outlets where you might buy romance books.

Highland Fling by Krystal Brookes

When Fiona Campbell travels home to the Island of Kilrigh for her best friend’s wedding, she doesn’t count on meeting up withHighland Fling smaller BrodieMacNeil, her childhood friend. Fiona can’t help but be charmed by the Laird’s handsome son – until he starts to tell her some home truths.

A city girl at heart, Fiona tries to resist his charms and his offer of a life together on the tiny island.  Can Fiona heal the rift with her father enough to accept Brodie’s offer and take on the job as the island’s vet or will she walk out on the one man she truly loves?

Fiona shifted uncomfortably, trying to find a way to change the conversation. His words were stirring feelings in her that she had put to rest a long time ago. She spotted his sporran sitting on the grass between them.

“What’s wrong with your sporran?” she asked. He was close now—too close—and his breath on her neck was having a distracting effect.

“The chain broke. I’ll be able to fix it easy enough with a few tools when I get home.” His hand was sneaking around her waist and she turned her head to find her lips close to his.

“Brodie, we used to play together in your paddling pool. This is…”

“You are welcome to join me in my paddling pool any time you like.” His voice was barely a whisper before his lips grazed over hers. She closed her eyes and allowed him to tease her bottom lip with his tongue before she parted her lips slightly. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, gently forcing her teeth apart and exploring. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he manoeuvred her back onto the grass, lifting his body half on top of her. As they devoured one another hungrily, he grazed his hand up from her waist to her breast, palming it gently.

She couldn’t believe how easily she had accepted his advance and how quickly her body was responding to his touch. She was usually careful about becoming intimate with a man, yet here she was, making out behind the beer tent with Brodie MacNeil at the Highland games. Fiona’s head was swirling and she was very aware of his hardness pressing against her thigh. He groaned as she gently nipped his bottom lip and he thrust his hips against her thigh in response.

Fiona heard his name being called over the tannoy first. She ripped her mouth away from his and batted his hand away from her breast.

“What…?” growled Brodie, moving down towards her neck.

“They’re calling you.”

Brodie cocked his head and nodded when his name came over the tannoy again.

“Shit, I’m entered into the caber tossing competition.”

“The caber tossing competition where you throw a big wooden log as far as you can?” She giggled, still aware of his own “caber” pressing against her leg.

“Yes, what’s wrong with that?” He frowned.

“Oh, em, nothing. It just seems funny. Here, you’ll need your sporran. I have a safety pin to hold the chain together for now.” She quickly removed the pin from her bag and fixed the sporran. He grinned as he left her sitting on the grass, blowing her a kiss before he walked around the corner and out of sight.

Highland Fling

Highland Haven

Highland Hogmanay

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